An international and statewide diverse 8 person committee will grade each nominee’s activities on a level of 1-10, with 10 being the most important highest level, per item as follows:
1. Cultural impact on Latino advancement and empowerment.
2. Macro impact on a statewide level – general community and Latino community.
3. Micro impact on a neighborhood – municipal level.
4. Spanish language maintenance and advancement.
5. Heritage Level – how much does it add to Latino culture.
6. Lasting Impact – the future and now of the work and initiative.
7. Community development – building bridges across diverse ethnicities and cultures.
The results will be recorded and tabulated. Ties will be sent for another round with more detail. The top 100 Latinos and the Top 10 of the Decade will then be ranked accordingly.
August 14th through
August 31st / 2021
– Nominees are submitted and information gathering, listing nominee activities and achievements for 2019/2020
September 1st through September 8th / 2021
– Nominee grading by committee
September 9th / 2021
– Result tallying
September 10th through
18th /2021
– Professional Photo Session
Hispanic Heritage Month – New Jersey Latino Index 2020/2021